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    Hi there,

    I want to use my new Palm Pre Plus to check my corporate-eMail-Account. Since it is, from outside our network, only available via VPN-Tunneling (don't ask, our IT-Department decided this way) I need the following functions but didn't find suitable options in webOS:
    • Check the corporate-IMAP-Server only when the Pre is logged in the corporate wlan (Otherwise I would need a VPN-Client that establishes VPN, checks mail, logs out out VPN. I don't think this is possible yet).
    • Set up some filters to automatically move mail to the appropriate folder.
    • I am member of a Mailing List (gedit, just in case it's important). They send me a digit for every day listing all of the topic. The content of each topic in turn is appended via a forwarded message, but webOS does not display this forwarded message. Can I get it to show it? Mails look like this:
      1. Re: Gtksourceview-sharp for Windows (Doug Blank)
      2. gedit Dictionary plugin (Pasha)

      ---------- Forwarded message ----------
      From: Doug Blank <>
      Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 12:21:14 -0500
      Subject: Re: [gedit-list] Gtksourceview-sharp for Windows
      FYI, I gave up on GtkSourceView under Windows and switched to
      Mono.TextEditor from MonoDevelop. It is working great on Windows, Mac,
      and Linux.

    Is this possible in webOS? Will it be possible in the future? Help is very much appreciated.

    Best Regards,
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    webOS 2.0 has VPN capabilities built in so it has you covered there so long as your IT group supports SSL or IPSec (which they likely do) for it's release in the USA on classic Pre's/Pixi' guess is sooner rather than later.

    Mail filtering should be done on the server side. Assuming you use Exchange or similar corporate solution this would be easy to set up.

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    Sadly we do not do mail filtering on the server side. We have a simple IMAP-Server (i think it's "Exim4"); the mail filtering is done on the client-side (thunderbird in my case).
    I don't know for sure whether it's even possible for us to do server-side-filtering. My co-workers don't know either. I know it's a crappy setup we have, but i can't change it.^^

    On the IPSec-Stuff: I can log into out VPN from home via Linux and vpnc (or the Cisco Client under Windows), so I think that should do it.

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    I will save you a whole lot of grief by sharing my experiences trying to get IMAP traffic to pass through an OpenVPN tunnel on a Sprint Pre. With a disclaimer that I haven't tried it since webOS 1.3x, there seems to be something hard-coded in the Pre's IMAP implementation that overrides your IP routing preferences and forces all IMAP packets to go over the cellular radio and not the VPN link. I suspect that this is a side effect of the scheme that they are using to do IMAP idle/push over the cellular network while allowing the radio to go to sleep. Long story short, every attempt that I made to connect with an IMAP server on the other end of an OpenVPN tunnel was blocked by the firewall at the far end, because it was coming in from the cellular interface's IP address and not through the VPN tunnel. I could traceroute, ping, and even ssh to the mail server fine through the VPN tunnel, but IMAP would not go through the tunnel no matter what I tried.

    The one thing that I never did get around to testing is if IMAP traffic would pass over the wifi link, which would be an indicator that something in the Pre's IMAP implementation is hard-coded for idle/push as I suspected.

    Unless something has changed in webOS 1.45 or 2.0, don't bang your head against the wall for too long if it doesn't seem to work when it looks like it should.....

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