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    meh, this is about data center appliances and messaging stuff.
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    Are they trying to say HP and Microsoft should merge into one company...that would be awesome...they are both expanding their reach in the tech world...and have a lot of divisions that would supplement each other.

    But yeah I can almost guarantee that the FTC 's bureau of competition and the DOJ's antitrust division will never allow the two to merge unless they divest from a lot of their divisions and spin them off into independent companies.
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    I wouldd've said DOJ wouldn't allow it a few years ago. But HP really doesn't have a lock on any market and MS dominance doesn't exist outside of Office. They might get away with pairing up. I just think MS likes being a software company and would rather let other deal with hardware. It makes more sense to have a deep partnership that lets MS control the platform and HP sell millions of devices. I think they are both too stubborn for that though.
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