In October 2009, I switched to Sprint. Since there was no extra charge for a smartphone (besides the obvious data plan), I went ahead and got my first smartphone/BlackBerry: the Curve 8330m. This kept me happy for a few months, until it started slowing down and freezing. Luckily, I was able to upgrade to a BlackBerry Tour in June, because a friend had switched over to an EVO 4G.

However, starting in July, that phone starting having troubles. Reception was crappy in areas where in shouldn't have been, battery life was abysmal, and emails were coming in in chunks, most of the time 20-30 minutes after the mailbox got them! I went through three different Tours before I was finally advance exchanged over to a Bold.

The Bold was great for a while, until I started having problems again in October, this time, even worse. In addition to the problems listed above, the phone would also reboot itself at least once a day. I got another one, and even after the BlackBerry 6 official OTA update from Sprint, the problems wouldn't subside, and they even worsened. The phone reboots twice a day now!

With Sprint leaving me helpless, I finally decided enough was enough, and decided to buy a phone off contract. But I needed a cheap one.

Meet the Pixi. A cute but awesome touchscreen and portrait QWERTY hybrid with an awesome OS! I ordered one from Ebay (after checking the ESN) and it will arrive on Wednesday! I can't wait!

Anyone want to suggest some good apps for me to download? Thanks!