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    In the browser I can stream mp3s, but how can I save or download instead. Is there a shortcut or patch?

    Thanks for your help!
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    yep check your patches. Mega Mix or Multi Mod should have it included in one of those two.
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    App called Download Manager will do it.
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    Or mega mix. That's what I use.
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    The same patch will allow you to download video instead of streaming it.
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    Alright, so i found mega-mix and multi-mod. mega-mix doesn't say anything about adding the option to download, does it do that? Multi-mod does mention that functionality, but doesn't mention alot of the improvements that mega-mix does.

    So which should I get? Or are you guys saying I should install both patches?
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    Also, does webOS 2.0 address any of these issues (i.e. download vs. stream; landscape URL; full screen etc)?
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    Mega mix gives you shortcuts and many other features. Multimod has the download function. Both patches work well together.

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    OK So I installed the multi mod patch and all the browser shortcuts are working and the address bar in lanscape. so far though i have not been able to find any sites to test the download option (which is why i installed it). I have tried (both the full and mobile site), & zshare with no luck. Am I doing somthing wrong or does it not work with these sites. If its the sites can anyone suggest some sites for me

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    You can try a video site like Dailymotion if you want to test videos, but I'm don't know where you can try mp3s.

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    Thanx for the quick reply. So I went to to test, selected a video from the main screen. It loaded the page but didn't display the video (probably because it's flash) but no where did I get a stream or download option. I have also read posts about people having success with this patch on mp3 sites. I'm not a moron so there must be somthing i'm just doing wrong. Thanx again!

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    Oh, I get the option to stream or download, but probably because I have the iPhone UA spoof installed. How about youtube?

    I'm just going on the assumption that if it works for videos, it will probably work for mp3s as well.

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    I tried youtube and it streamed the video, never asked me if I wanted to download. I do have the option to download youtube vids under more cuz I have the youtube download patch installed. Wonder if they conflict? Imma try the iphone spoof app and retry dailymotion. Thanx

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    If you can stream it, it should've given you the option to download as well. Also, the patch for the youtube app shouldn't affect youtube in the browser.

    You sure you have the correct patch? The patch that I have installed is Multi Mod. The first line of its description says it will give you the option to download or stream streamable files.

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    ok after removing and re installing the patch it's working. I just have one question, seems like although I can stream all the videos and mp3's only about 10% of them play after download. Does this happen with you? Is this a codec problem, not sure y it would only play some downloaded mp3's when it streams them all. Any ideas?

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    Yeah I've noticed that. I don't know why it's happening though. Maybe there's a bug in the patch that causes it to not download media in their original state.
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    Thanx for the help, after foolin around I noticed that the files it would not play are files that are saved with "%" in the file name. I renamed the files and they play now. Thanx 4 the help bro!


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