Anyone else have issues forwarding MMS messages with pictures? It's odd because I received a joke text with an attached picture, I hit forward and selected multiple phone numbers to send it to and hit send.
Friend on iPhone received it just fine, but friend on T-Mobile BB replied that he never gets the pictures I forward to him. I did a test, detached the picture then sent it from my phone and it went through just fine. Curious, I texted a friend on a droid, who replied that he didn't get the picture either.

So why is it I can forward a text with pictures and NOT everyone gets the image, but if I save the picture then attach it from my phone it goes through OK?

Is this a webOS forward to other devices issue? MMS issue? Or maybe a webOS to multiple recipients issue?

EDIT: not sure how long it has been going on, as noone said anything before. The statement "I never get your pics on your texts!!!" just got me thinking.