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    Not sure if anyone has run into this one, but while you're in a text (that's all I've tried it in) press Orange then Space. Not at the same time but orange first then space.

    Needs to be done semi-quickly.

    Edit: Added a picture.

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    I have pre 2 with 2.01 and cant figure this out. Any1 else seen this behavior?
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    Try pressing them at the same time, but with the orange being absolute first.
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    Good find! Smileys were needed badly...we had to depend on an app to do this with 1.4.5
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    Nice. Thanks.
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    Were any of you able to replicate this?
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    So it took almost two months for this (not even this thread) to get front page! Guess I should have tweeted it or something.

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    Does this work on 2.1? im in messaging app and cant get this to work...
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    Yep, I just checked to see if it did, and it does.

    A quick orange then space will do it.

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    somehow I only have three smiley
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    Cool! I did today by mistake, but I didn't even know how I did it.
    Thank you!
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    very, very cool! Now I don't have to guess.....good find! Thanks!
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    Excellent, works on Sprint Pre - upgraded to 2.1

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