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    being a loyal palm customer for years I promote the palm pre when once was new and still as of now as if I was on commission based of saless position with them and despising the Black Berry torch and kin devices openly. I had problems occur with the once "GREAT" inglorius app NOTES. My palm pre began messing up and I found I was capable of chatting with palm for issues I've had with the phone. When I first stumbled over this feature I fell in love all over again I must admit, but after making the issue known I kept being advised to do a partial erase. No problem there being that I've done this twice in one week; it wasn't a problem at all, no the problem arose after the third time I asked both "PALM" and "INGLORIOUS APPS" for assistance in retrieving the documents which I noted as highly valuable to me and the trust that I had in both placing items which were dear to me and using this as the primary source for these memos. inglorious apps I can understand there lack of concern but I honestly thought palm would've been a little more considerate and sensitive to the problems that persisted. after being ignored from both the loyalty is definitely tarnished I hate to say and admit I still wish them both the best in their future endeavors but I just despise the way the situation was handled.
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    So, you carried out an operation called an "erase" without backing up important information first.

    I see.
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    Try this.... Run the free program Recova and let it scan your Pre's USB partition. It will find any documents/files that are still in tact and let you recover them to your hard-drive. For this to work for an app like Notes, you will need to know the exact file name of the database so you know what to look for in the recovery screen. If Recova can locate that file and show it as healthy (not written over yet) you should be able to pull it onto your computer and then back onto your device. (I've recovered deleted pictures and files this way) Good luck!

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