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    Starting a month and a half or so ago, I was having issues with my phone. Specifically, when not hooked up to wifi, I'd have problems with my data connection and MEDIA messages would not go through either way. Lately, I've noticed a number of threads with similar (but slightly varied) issues that I think point to an underlying issue. The threads I've seen indicate Palm Pre, Pre + and Pre 2, both in the US and abroad. I'll post links to the threads below.

    I have to admit I don't have a clue about coding or such, but I'm reasonably tech savvy and I like to think I'm fairly observant. All these issues CAN'T be unrelated and my theory (based solely on anecdotal evidence) is that webOS has an issue re-initializing the data connection when coming off of WiFi or after a loss of service.

    If webOS doesn't refresh the IP/connection settings when they've not been used for a while (like when you're on WiFi for a while or you're in a building or subway tunnel where you don't have a connection), does the connection go "stale"?

    Deactivating the data connection and reactivating it (or switching in/out of "airplane mode") seems to "cure" the problem. What I'm interested in is, "what's causing the problem?" As I mentioned, I have no means/ability to look into such things from a technical standpoint, but someone is...

    I was thinking there were another one or two recently, but this is what I was able to compile in 20 minutes or so of searching. The threads I've seen that seem related to me:

    thread 1

    thread 2

    thread 3

    thread 4

    thread 5

    thread 6

    thread 7

    thread 8

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    It's hard to make such a sweeping generality. They are certainly having issues, but it isn't nearly as ubiquitous as other issues like VZW GPS. IMHO
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    I had a similar problem when using UberKernel but it disappeared when I moved to the AV8B kernel. Coincidence? Possibly, but I've been running the AV8B kernel for months without an network incident and my battery lasts SO much longer.
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    Add yet another similar reported issue...

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    This is exactly the problem I'm having - Sprint Pre, no doctoring or homebrew running. This is a refurb model that I've had since October, the problem started in around December. Very frustrating - I'm doing a restart a couple of times per day.
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    I'm running a sprint pre, with preware and all kids of patches including the unthrottle data speed for wifi and EVDO patch, and i don't have this problem.

    it sounds like an issue where the phone is keeping all of its TCP/IP settings and not swtiching correctly.

    download 'Network Tools', its free in the app catalog. It will give you IP, the ability to ping and run other command prompt style commands, etc.

    When you come off wifi, check if your IP address has changed. Check if you can ping, check what your current DNS settings are, etc etc etc.
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    I have the same problem, I can go from one room to another in my house and my facebook, twitter etc will stop updating + cannot surf(always full bars of 3g). Sms and calls work fine. I have a theory that the problem could tied to the fact that I have to type in my data apn to get 3g. I am going to try to get hold of a Sim that is fully supported from get go and see if that changes anything. Enabling aeroplane mode and disabling it cures it every time for me.
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    IMO, this is way worse than the Verizon GPS issue because we all know V caused it. If what is being said is true this sweeps all networks. I Dr'ed yesterday to try to help with this issue. I did have to put Uberkernal back on though. I thought mode switcher had caused it for me, but the pic mail at least isn't any better. I haven't lost data since but I have tested it long enough.
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    I am having exactly the same problem (it started suddenly a couple of weeks ago after I installed WeatherIcon- I posted in that thread b/c I couldn't find this thread). I agree that it is very strange! I will try the airplane mode trick since I'm tired of rebooting all the time- thanks for the suggestion

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    Ive had the same problem over the last two months.. Being on a wifi network was the only way to send media through my phone.. Im seriously losing the thrill for palm.. I think ill let go of palm next financial chance i get.. I feel like im on a sinking boat being chased by Somalian pirates.
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    Just try switching to airplane mode & then back-- works like a charm, & thanks again to the earlier post that suggested this

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    I was having issues... Updated PRL and network settings under prefferences on the phone app and all is well so far.

    Edit: I should add that if updating PRL and network settings fixes your issue, it may be Sprint or your carrier's issue and not Palm's. Mayb there is a way Palm can keep these things auto updated though? Something like checking every couple of days when on charger? IDK maybe a patch could do that?
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    Similar issues are being reported on different devices, different networks etc. (I linked a bunch of threads above) AT&T doesn't have the option to update etc in options. There's a "Manual Settings" toggle, but no option to refresh etc. You can mostly clear the problem by airplane mode or toggling data off/on, but I've had to shut down, pull the battery now twice.

    While toggling "works", it's a pretty lame solution. I still think there's a fairly substantial issue in webOS related to how the phone obtains/refreshes/maintains it's data connection (IP/DNS/whatever), particularly when switching between wifi/3g or when losing signal.

    Way beyond my technical capability to diagnose the problem, but it's lame to have to toggle/reset several times a day.


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