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    Hi there,

    i have been ready a lots of emails today with my pixi. And there is something i found annoying, which could be made better.

    When you are scrolling your mails or you brwoser or even a book, you always have to put your finger on the screen. As long there is a finger you cant ready properly, so what would be if the pre (in mine case the pixi) would have another gesture are. For the pixi is would be where the volume up/down buttons are. This gesture are could be used your scrolling, so you could always read and scroll at the same time. I am using my pixi always one handed and it would even be easier to scroll this way as with the thumb on the screen (you can hold it thighter this way)

    What do you think about this?
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    But you can scroll using the gesture area, as long as you have your phone oriented in landscape instead of portrait.

    Edit: Actually, I just tried it just to make sure, and it looks like only the browser lets you do this, not e-mail or pdf viewer. Perfect candidate for a patch though...

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