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    Hello guys

    I'm kind of new but not really I had pre from the day it came out but left and went on to Android now I am back and have my pre and totally love it , kind of missed it but not point here I was wondering what other awesome web sites are out there for pre and webos

    I saw few but don't remember .
    I find that webos missing some good app compared to Android and I not talking about game just useful apps without rooting be nice all the apps should be added to the store and for free I think Android has the most useful free apps. webos should get on it .

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    Some apps are still missing. I agree.
    There are limitations because of missing api or hardware.
    "Rooting" is part of webOS and provided by HPalm.
    We try to add missing functions (because of app store regulations) with homebrew.
    Add the beta palm feed to preware to see some new "official" apps.
    Add testing/kernel testing feed from webosinternals to get even more.

    From my own app I can tell you that the android dev's successful copied/adopted my app to calibrate the battery (I worked with them).
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    Quote Originally Posted by somline View Post
    "Rooting" is part of webOS and provided by HPalm.
    Well, technically there's no such thing as "rooting" webOS.

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