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    the late night developer event is going to big a big *** party...celebrating the announcements of earlier in the day. I heard there is going to be free bottles of booze for all, strippers, music, ruby and jobs are going to have a KY wrestling match.
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    I just got one too. I wish I could go!!! but it's too close to another event I have in TX. Still. I want to know. I guess I'll have to wait til the news gets out...
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    im going , its a nine hour drive from las vegas though. ouch!
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    maybe look into hotels are just terribly overrated when you barely spend any time there.
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    LOL, if we meet up there, we'll have to make badges with our avatars on them so that we can tell who is who. JK
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    Started new thread for people going:
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    Quote Originally Posted by deesugar View Post
    Started new thread for people going:
    FYI, I moved the "meet up" posts from here to the thread you just started.
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