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    Does anyone know all the dates for the various events and such that are happening soon? Here's what I have so far:

    -Google Android Event - Feb 2 (10:00 am, live stream @ YouTube dot com slash android (can't post links yet :P)
    -Verizon iPhone available for pre-order - Feb 3 (for existing Verizon customers)
    -Sprint event - Feb 7
    -Dell Event - Feb 8
    -WebOS event - Feb 9
    -Verizon iPhone available - Feb 10
    -Mobile World Congress - Feb 14-17
    -HP CEO Apotheker unveils plans- Mar 14 (Thanks, rexalbel)
    -CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association) Show - Mar 22-24 (Thanks, wodin6!)

    Am I missing anything? I feel like there was another event I've missed.
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    CTIA is in the beginning of March, but I am not aware of anything else in Feb.
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    I added the Google event, but it feels like there was another one I missed. Apple, maybe?
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    March 14th hp ceo announces hp future stratagy
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    Thank you!
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    I've been to the CTIA show a couple of times. It seems very focused on engineers, and infrastructure. And it's not a really big event, no where near the size of CES. It is not typically an event with lots of big announcements and big splashy events like you would find at CES - which I've also been to several times.

    I wouldn't look for anything earth shattering from any phone makers at CTIA.

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