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    Where a lot of people have their fingers crossed for a webos toaster, mine are crossed too, but for the "beyond" part of the announcement on the 9th, I'm hoping for a HP LED TV with a webOS interface.
    Imagine a built-in set of motion tracking cameras to the bezel or attach a future supported kinect to do gestures....each tv channel is a card, and each genre is in a stack(sports, movies, news, etc.) It definitely would be different and beyond what most of us had in mind for webos.
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    I don't find it hard to imagine such a device. I have not looked at the HP web site, so maybe they sell TVs already, but in any event, I do know Dell sells "Dell" branded TVs so why not HP?

    Edit: add to that that other manufacturers are starting to bake in apps on TVs for browsing the web and checking FB, so why not put webOS on one?
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    Dell no longer sells Dell branded TV's
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    HP used to sell (not sure if they still do) HP-branded TVs also.

    I think if they did this, the remote would have to be like the one for the Wii so you can have a "virtual touchscreen" to interface. I think it could work pretty nicely, and multi-tasking on a TV would be interesting. Multiple channels open at once, a TV Guide, interface with a DVR, etc.

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    yeah a wii type remote or a gyro type mouse could work pretty well
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    Why not just have the remote be the webOS device?
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    Most americans have cable/satellite tv's with set-top boxes. Having a control for a TV that is not integrated with this is just a prescription for problems. Partnering with a provided to create a set-top box that had the features you describe could be compelling.

    I'm still looking for something to tie together home automation, gaming, digital entertainment and PC resources (pictures, videos, web apps, music, charts, data). Someone will solve this home ecosystem issue and make it speak to social networks, work networks, etc. Given its small footprint and javascript heritage, WebOS could play this coordinating role.

    Imagine if my AT&T Uverse box was just a WebOS box that ran the UVerse "app" and ran other "apps" that allowed content to coexist and even interact with one another. The primitive example would be online gaming or stock alerts at the bottom of a TV screen. I imagine much more is possible and the race to web protocols seems to make it more likely.
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    I think it would be a great idea. My question would also be, how do you interface. If you have a webOS device for control, allow other smartphones control ability, or make some kinda motion/IR interface to make things easy and require no hand-held interface. Either way, I really hope HP is thinking way Above and Beyond smartphones and tablets. Sorli...
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    I had never really thought about webOS used in this context before. It'd be sweet if you could have a webOS entertainment front end. Any webOS device can control your TV and cable/sat box. One of the little features I liked on sat boxes connected to landlines was if someone called it showed their caller ID on the TV. It'd be nice to have that functionality back but for cellphones.
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    I like the idea realistdreamer had. HPalm should make a box to compete with the appletv, but should have a coaxial input in the back to accept cable. From that point Comcast,U-verse, verizon, etc. should each make apps. Ladies and Gentlemen we have a webOS set-top box and controlling it should be as simple as downloading an app on your phone/tablet.

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