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    Look to this page: Palm USA | Palm Pre 2 Phone | Features, Details Or someone in Palm likes to play with photoshop or the Youtube App UI is being updated, though it still doesn't look as complete as the iOS app.

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    That looks like another app called "Youtube Mini".
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    YouTube app is updated in webOS 2.x.
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    *sighs* I really now hope it's earlier than March. Feb 14 would be a good date....
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    If they update it to allow you to browse videos like the Dailymotion app, I would be a happy camper. Having only Popular and Most Viewed doesn't cut it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LateNiteWithJme View Post
    YouTube app is updated in webOS 2.x.
    Does it allow you to sign in through the app, favorite vids, etc?
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    I hope so. If google's capable of doing it, then most likely yes.

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