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    I've been using WebOS since the Sprint Pre release. I hear and read statements about how WebOS intensely uses the cloud compared to other operating systems, and the OS is the most open of all claimed open source mobile operating systems. What is promising about WebOS?

    1. Is Synergy the best software approach for updating mobile devices with cloud based databases?
    2. As a consumer that wants to use cloud based services, will WebOS provide the best options for services that are secure, fast, versatile among various devices, feature rich?
    3. Are there constraints for WebOS application development with respect to other mobile OS platforms, disregarding demand for WebOS applications and API availability?
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    read this blog. It goes into real depth about the UI and other differentiators of WebOS vs iOS vs Andriod:
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    Speaking strictly as a business user, I chose the Pre+ for 3 reasons:

    1. Ability to sync with Outlook (even though I had to pay for it)
    2. Card metaphor and amazing usability
    3. The homebrew community. Way too many features missing, but most of them addressed by patches, overclocking, etc.

    I sure hope Pocket Mirror adds support for webOS 2.x

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    Quote Originally Posted by ebender1965 View Post
    read this blog. It goes into real depth about the UI and other differentiators of WebOS vs iOS vs Andriod:
    Thanks for the article and link reminder since I read about it earlier and forgot to get its insight and reference. Actually, I missed many things he referenced as being a problems with webOS and he makes good points that I hope are corrected in future versions of webOS.

    For me, the big thing that sets webOS apart from everything else (mobile, desktop, or otherwise) is its ability to multitask and sync everything together. Everyone knows IOS is by far the most popular smartphone mobile OS for its sales alone, but Android is making significant headway. Either way, I just don't get why I would love a device where you still have to back out of one email address to check and reference another message from another group of emails. Multitasking is practically non-existent and iPhone users still carry this belief that if Apple didn't invent doesn't exist. To be honest, this is the main reason most people line up for iPhone and Android devices.

    Verizon made their big announcement today and the first CDMA iPhone will be released next month. I suspect many people on ATT will be leaving soon and jumping ship to Verizon. What's scary is the fact that most of these people will move from ATT GSM iPhones to Verizon CDMA iPhones. Nothing is changing besides the carrier...they'll get the same OS, same features, and a different Antennae.

    I'm happy for Apple and Verizon, since both need a boost when it comes to smartphone sales, but I'm sorry for all those users who think they'll be getting something special. 100K apps on a iPhone is still an iPhone. Sorli...
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    1 word: Touchstone.
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    I thought other Smartphones had touchstones? "Curse you inadequate sources...."
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    Quote Originally Posted by GTAFan9999 View Post
    I thought other Smartphones had touchstones? "Curse you inadequate sources...."

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    Y'all are forgetting the main thing:

    It's a Web Operating System. It can basically run HTML sites as Apps.

    Google are trying something not very different with ChromeOS as far as I can tell, but webOS did it first and ChromeOS is nowhere near the market.

    Of course it's all useless because webOS will wither and die once HP announces the Pre 2 for Verizon, the Pixi 2 for Sprint, and 2.0 for old Pres "for the coming months" on February 9, yadda yadda, and Google will win the day because they're awesome, but THIS is what makes webOS truly unique.
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    Along with things mentioned, I think the fact we can actually talk about webOS and the things you can do with it makes it very unique vs Android, iOS and other OSs.

    Can we ask this same question of other OSs WITHOUT mentioning a 3rd party app with equal/similar hardware and guts?

    I think HP will unlock sooo much more of what webOS has to offer with new hardware, and opening up things like the mic, etc.

    WebOS reminds me of an athlete sitting on the bench with waaaaaaaaaay more natural talent and less experience than ANYONE (other OSs without 3rd party apps and equal hardware) on the field. Now that the team has a new owner/coach (HP), we will get a chance to see all the natural abilities of this MOST talented player (webOS), at least I hope and believe this will be the case.
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    Just wow!

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    I'm in it for the long haul !! So feb. Here I come lol or march or april or may or june............
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    I'm in it for the long haul !! So feb. Here I come lol or march or april or may or june............
    +1 as much as i really really like the iphone 4 hardware i would still pass it up for webos. just being able to do just about everything with a flip up, down, back, forth is just so seamless. I think about it all the time (jumping to a new phone) but in the end i play with my pre and realize that i can wait for new hardware, i cant put up with clunky UI. I have played with android phones and iphones and feel like i am always searching for the right thing. with webos it just feels organic.

    Here's to Feb 9th.
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    I'm beginning to feel the sting due to the lack of Apps. I love the WebOS system but I'm missing two crucial apps that would help my clients and myself troubleshoot their issues.
    In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

    Shouldn't we treat this world like the Garden of Eden and avoid the apple at all costs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GTAFan9999 View Post
    I thought other Smartphones had touchstones? "Curse you inadequate sources...."

    None which is OEM and doesn't need a special case
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    ECOSYSTEM, ECOSYSTEM, ECOSYSTEM. With Duarte gone, UI improvements will be stolen. Without an ecosystem with key developers building apps, there is no stability. I love the form factor of my original Pre. I love Synergy. But, frankly, it needs much work to keep pace. I had hoped HP would be working on ecosystem to do more than solve the hardware issues.

    Apple is closed and one form factor (OK, two with the iPad). This is their weakness
    Android is scattered and is trying to be all things to all people.

    WebOS has the opportunity to be more open, more flexible, while being very purpose-driven and thoughtful. What I love about Palm is their thoughtfulness on software. If that can be accelerated with a large partner like HP hopefully enough units can be sold for developers to take notice.
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    As a sprint tech, I can say that webOS is the most stable user friendly os on our network.

    I can admit that apple has the best harware, however that is only because their os is so restrictive.

    WebOS' OS is the strongest multitasking OS made for mobile devices. Palms hardware may have it's own issues, but it is what it is.

    Android is is the Windows mobile of the future! At least that is what I've been saying sense it's launch on our network. It is truly too segmented. Apps that work on one device mess up another. Task managers and antivirus software mess up the operation of the OS and are counterproductive and popular. Also it is susseptible to issues caused by the coding of myxer ringtones. Over all it's just sucky. Regular hard resets or rooting are needed just to have a stable phone if you do more then texting and calling are done. Lame!

    No need to talk about WinMobile downfalls. There are too many.

    I've had a Pre- sense launch and I'm not getting a new phone until the next webOS phone hits our network; which I think will be real soon after the webOS HP event (I have no inside info on such things beond the normal and expected whispers from such an exciting prospect).
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    its limited number of apps makes webos unique
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    Once HP decides to let the average consumer know about Webos(and they will when they feel it is the right time) it will grow immensely. I mean for people to think that HP does not have the ability to make Webos user base grow to 15+million users is naive. HP is everywhere. They can put flyers inside new HP laptops, desktops, printers, cameras, scanners, everything with discount coupons, in-stores ads, on the back on all product boxes. Not to mention TV commercials. They have their hand in every corporate bowl. They can give free phones to each corporate laptop a company buys, corporate discounts, possibilities are endless

    Also, Webos is clearly the best OS. Forget Hardware, forget apps the iPhone has that we don't and what you are left with is a phone that is simply better. better multitasking, better ease of use, better data integration. However, with all that to the average user and even a lot of techies these new smart phones are so similar the differences dont really matter to them(all touchscreen, browse the web, have apps, have full keyboards). What made iPhone popular was that it was the first touch screen made to use with just your finger and on screen keyboard. Also it was advertised everyone knew about it.

    Webos is no different. It has not really been advertised at all. No one knows what it is. Once people do they will buy it plain and simple. HP has a plan to advertise I guarantee you they just haven't yet, but they know they haven't and are definitely waiting to reach some point before they do. When Android came out no one knew what it was or bought it. It came out on T-mobile and until the Droid came out on Verizon and they heavily promoted it, Android was not popular and probably had few apps.

    Point is just wait.
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    I agree 100 percent. I work in a Sprint store and see customers come in all the time saying the same I heard from the WinMo phones of the past. And a hard reset is in most cases is the answer to purge out what got mixed and corrupted in phone due to bad written apps.
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    I think webOS is unique in its easyness to use (my dad who is not technology orinted) was able to figure out how to browse on the web, and email without me teaching him.

    I also enjoy the synergy and linking everything and anything together. Yes the other OS's have this but it is limited to what the OS allows, ie gmail or facebook.

    I like the instant search features how I can do everything just from that menu. Quite easily. By "just type" ing it.

    And powermat or not, the Palm technology is the only tech that is in oem form able to charge via induction (wirelessly).

    Thats my 2 cents.
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