I struggle with who the audience will be. I helped a 62-year old move from a Treo to a Pixi. She had a treo because Hotsync made Palm a productivity-dream. I was part of that audience. I want to get work done and personal stuff is a nice afterthought that allows me to have one device.

Apple did go after productivity. They used "coolness" and "technolust". Palm has never, ever gone this route. The consumer base for "cool" is larger than productivity and Apple got to critical mass immediately - They also had the ipod ecosystem to build from (i.e. coolness).

There will be multiple players in this market, but WebOS needs to take some cool from Apple and some utilitarianism from Google, both in marketing and design. Don't know if any of you remember Geoworks? Better OS than Windoze, but MS killed it when they wouldn't sell it to them. They didn't get bought by an HP, so maybe that'll make a difference this time.