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    WebOS is currently very dependant on google, in fact it uses google for everything (search, email, calendar, maps). This isn't that good when Android is so big that Google doesn't need to care about webOS and is actually a competitor to webOS. So here's a list of reasons I can think of why HP should go talk to microsoft about getting deep Bing/Hotmail/Live/etc integration in webOS:

    1) Microsoft/Bing needs webOS. Ya there's WP7, but as a company Microsoft is in serious trouble in the face Google. Microsoft needs all the marketshare it can get in the search area, and needs to keep people plugged into microsoft products (Live etc) instead of increasingly relying on Google.

    2) WebOS needs Microsoft/Bing. Google has little incentive at this time to support webOS and I have watched people complain that Google doesn't always give webOS the attention it deserves (Google maps on webOS is pretty basic right?). As I said, Microsoft has incentive...didn't they pay Verizon a bunch of money to put Bing search on their phones?

    3) Windows Live integration with the Office Web Apps would be nice. Most of use use office alot, and perhaps in exchange for integrating Bing and hotmail etc as the default apps on WebOS we could get Skydrive/WIndows Live with fully functional Office Web Apps?

    4) HP and Microsoft have an important relationship. HP could leverage their relationship with Microsoft to get some good stuff for webOS, and HP could maintain their positive relationship with Microsoft which is so crucial for their PC business.

    5) Competition is good, and Google needs some. Now this isn't directly related to webOS, but in general we all benefit from healthy competition. It's ironic that turning to microsoft in this case is a way to avoid a monopoly, but the internet/search/cloud business is being taken over by Google.

    Well, so much for my thoughts, what do you think?
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    I think your crazy.

    I also think having bing as a choice along with google would be the way to go.

    Google likes when you use maps, search etc no matter the platform. The Android team might not but the rest of google could care less.

    WebOS Doesn't have a large enough user base or growth to warrant any man hours improving google apps. And in some cases (voice) WebOS just isnt plain ready.

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    Good God in heaven, no, and I say this as somebody currently side-eyeing by reliance on Google. Bing sucks. It was a PITA using it when the Google website went fubar for a few days. Going to the site gives you one relevant search result on the screen because the top part is tied by three different ads for crap. Yes, Verizon put Bing search on a bunch of phones...and left no option to add Google instead for everyone who prefers it.
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    They would certainly have to make some improvements and gain a strong commitment to keeping the search and map applications up to date for webOS... and if they did that, I'd be all for it. I haven't been crazy about Bing on my phone, but bing maps is starting to win me over, and I'd really like some good webOS integration with windows live.

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    hp is such a big and awesome company they should make their own search engine and use that instead
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    Quote Originally Posted by stung View Post
    hp is such a big and awesome company they should make their own search engine and use that instead
    Thats a joke right? Cause I laughed:)

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    Quote Originally Posted by IcerC View Post
    Thats a joke right? Cause I laughed
    you got it
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    I could care less about what map application I had to use, or search engine, so Microsoft or Google, could care less. Every now and then I need a map or perform a search on my phone, not significant for me.

    What I have been using Google for regularly was cloud storage of my calendar and my contacts.

    That is all changing.

    I have already deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM in my company. Dynamics has the web interface, but Dynamics also runs inside Outlook on my desktop, blows Salesforce away for MUCH less money. Also, the mobile version of Dynamics works perfectly on the Pre. All my business contacts, accounts, opportunities, are always with me.

    The next on the list is to move away from pop email on my server, and move to Microsoft Online Exchange. All the functionality you expect from exchange you have always heard about, direct from Microsoft, for $5 a month, or packaged with other business tools for a few bucks more. Online exchange will replace my pop mail, making my email full exchange, and includes cloud contacts and calendar.

    I will be dumping Google all together.
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    Makes no difference as its still hPalm who have to make the applications using google/ms api to all the backend services.

    Yes, maybe ms will give a very small bag of cash, for hpalm to rewrite apps, but really, hpalm can easily improve their google based apps also.

    I don't like the idea for os-es having exclusive support for any flavour. Best is add all and let consumer choose.
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    It doesn't need google for email, and with Just Type allowing you to search apps and add website search engines to JT, webOS 2.0 will diminish the dependence of webOS on google for search (plus, isn't there a carrier that already uses Bing by default?).

    Also, from HP's Pre 2 page, it looks like you can sync calendar to facebook instead of google (not sure if that feature is in our phones) and you also sync to Yahoo, LinkedIn, and Microsoft Exchange.

    About the only thing you got right was webOS's dependency on google maps.

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    does it really matter???(what map/engine/email you use) I mean you like what you like and use what you use. I got rid of hotmail last year(to GMail), I ALWAYS use Google to search on my PC (can't remember the last time I couldn't find anything), use GoogleMaps on my phone to find locations pretty much exclusively. Call me a creature of habit. It's what I'm used to, it works for me, if it ain't broke, don't fix it attitude....

    it's nice to have an option, but I really have no need or want to go any other way at this point.
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    HP should allow to be able to uninstall all apps you do not need. So everybody could use what he/she/it needs.

    I would like to install garbage like google maps or this note-app with the funny little yellow,red,green and blue papers (moms phone) - but i am also a person, who deletes and disables all unnecessary windows services.
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    Some Android phones have shipped with Bing rather than Google for Maps and default search engine - most users have been disappointed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DirkGently View Post
    HP should allow to be able to uninstall all apps you do not need. So everybody could use what he/she/it needs.
    The carriers probably would not be fans of that, so more than likely it's not gonna happen. However, we do have homebrew solutions for this, so anyone willing to do it can uninstall anything he/she/it wants.

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    I think if Bing comes in then maybe that will make Google jealous?

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    the webOS claim to fame should be choice. HP should be striving for seamless integration and synergy with as many services as possible. Starting with the bigger ones, like google and bing.
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    At the rate palm and hp are going, I'll take any map service that works on webos. Bing or google.
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    Well just for fun, I went to and then maps and put my home address in and zoomed to the maximum and unfortunately for's close but not right. GoogleMaps has my house with a year and half old street view picture, in the correct location. Winner: GoogleMaps... That will be the last time I try out Bing Maps

    not to mention it IS pretty handy to open up GoogleMaps and have your location already pinged by GPS...maybe Bing has that option, but it wasn't automatic like Google.
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    I think HP should give us the choice to use Bing or Google. One thing I do agree with though is that HP should work with MS to make Bing integrate with webOS better. Then Google can decide if they want to update their integration with webOS. Either way, HP should make it possible for users to choose search, maps, etc. defaults.
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    there's a patch for that... I believe it's called Add Bing & Yahoo & Remove Twitter..... that's the one I use and there may be one that's the same that doesn't remove twitter. Personally I'm really unimpressed with Bing Maps as compared to the Google..... Maybe I just missed something, but with no GPS location and incorrect location of my house..... Bing gets the Fail from me.
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