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    I think the reason it shows up is because when the new hardware comes out, the Pre 2 will be an entry level device for webOS. I don't know how many they made but I'm sure they have some piled up in a warehouse and instead of destroying them there gonna release it just to get them out of the warehouse. Hopefully they'll sell it for $99 and at the price, they'll sell great. Think small (cell phone), think big (tablet/pad), think beyond (roadmap).

    Those are my thoughts on it, what do you think?
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    I think that these should be the VERY cheap entry level device, say $30-$50 -with other entrants starting around $100 and then more up... This device will not get the crowds coming in -it just needs to be the phone that gets people hooked. The NEW phones need to be the real crowd-pleaser
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    At first I thought $50 but that seems too cheap to me.
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    They should just hand them out to all current Pre owners as a thank you for putting up with all the BS. But instead, I'll just have to settle with a new Pre every couple of months thanks to insurance and whatever I can find wrong with it that won't cost me $$ to replace, whether it be a blown speaker or a loose fitting battery.
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    I was at walmart, today, and for the first time at this store, they had an original sprint Pre on display for $78 (contract price) ... I thought a new sprint palm pre was unobtainable.

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