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    Welcome to the webOS what if thread. We're 1-2 months away from getting 2.0 and I decided that we could kill some time with this thread. Here are the rules

    1. A person starts off with a "What If...?" question.

    2. Users will then be able to make their own prediction on what could've happend or what couldn't have happened.

    3. NOTE: This is only for the OS only. If you what to do a Palm Inc or hardware "what if" do it in the "Palm General Chat".


    Me:What if youtube didn't have a native webOS app and we got to watch the videos in the actual browser?

    Users: (Enters response)

    Multple users can answer to these but once someone wants to start another "What if...?", they can.
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    What if.... we didn't get 2.x in the next few months?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NuttyBunny View Post
    What if.... we didn't get 2.x in the next few months?
    I'm guessing people will move onto Android while waiting for their upgrade so that they can buy a new palm phone again.

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