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    Is there a way for Gmail to PUSH when a message is read? More often than I like I will have read my email on my computer, and will have to read it again on my Pre to make it so I don't have X number of unread emails. I cannot find anything in Gmail's settings, but that doesn't mean I didn't overlook it. Could a patch be made? I have tried to Read All Messages patch before, it would usually quickly go through 2-3 emails and then hang, no matter what account I tried it on (I have multiple email accounts both are very active). Thanks for any info!
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    It will update that it's read if you refresh, but no, it doesn't push that type of information.
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    Mine does this automatically... If I have a notification on my Pre, as soon as I read the message on Gmail on a PC, the notification is removed from the Pre's notification area.
    It doesn't do it IMMEDIATELY 100% of the time for some reason, but the vast majority of the time it is instant.
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    It depends on how often you have the email app check for new email and when you check the email. If you check it right when the email app checks for email, of course the notification will disappear since those messages would have been read in gmail. If you check, say, five minutes before the email app checks, that email will show as unread.

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