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    Can any of you use on your phones? I get the map, but I can't click it. When I select from the text options instead, I get no time readout. Thanks.
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    No, the map doesn't work. It uses an HTML MAP tag to define the time zones, and those don't get used much anymore. It wouldn't surprise me if the Webkit browser doesn't support them well or at all.

    If I click on the time zone label below the map I get the same result as you: I see the daylight/nighttime map but no time readout. The time is a Java applet, which may again be poorly supported by Webkit. (Any Webkit experts out there?) For what it's worth, I can't see the time from my laptop at work either. It apparently requires the latest version of Java and port 8013 to be open.

    In the top right corner of that page is a "Disable Java Animation" link. Tap on that and it will show you a static view of the current time. You'll need to refresh your browser to update it.
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    check out Clock Sync app, which includes auto sync at various interval options.
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