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    Did anyone else notice the HP webOS ad when they arrived at PreCentral? Its slogan is "Easily turn your passion into mobile art." You can click something, then it gives you a demo of a paratrooper app, and finally it provides a link to this page: Meet the Mobile Expressionists - HP Palm Developer Center

    Normally I don't like these kinds of ads, but hey, more marketing for webOS.
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    I was glad to see them advertising, but I hate the slogan. Apple had a failed campaign that sounded like that a few years ago:

    "The home computer that's ready to work, play and grow with you"

    and I don't like

    "smarter, faster, and tons of fun" that HP was using recently.

    Gotta stop trying to be so esoteric about this stuff.

    Here is one that worked, and HP needs to imitate:

    iPhone. The internet in your pocket.

    Tells the whole story. internet+phone = iPhone...
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    Im not really digging this new Palm/hp focus in their ad campaign, seems to be directed towards young artsy hipster crowd, and making their announcement in sanfrancisco of all places. (artsy, hip, stylish their words not mine)

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