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    I've read a lot of threads on the types of erases partial/full/doctoring, but I can't help but think that upgrading webOS after many updates probably isnt as "fresh" of an install as a clean install. Similar to a fresh Windows system install. My question is, if I install 2.0 once its out, then do a full erase would I see the same benefits as doctoring to 2.0? I just want a clean/fresh install after 2.0 so I get maximum performance and wondered if after I upgrade to 2.0, if doing a full erase will revert me back to 2.0 fresh in the same manor as doctoring? My device functions ok, so didnt think I need to doctor.

    Just hope to have a clean framework of the OS installed since I'm using an original Pre.

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    Full erase removes applications and application data. Doctoring wipes out and reinstalls all of webOS.

    My plan for 2.0 is to take the OTA upgrade to see what happens and how it all works. Then I'll probably doctor and get a completely fresh start so I can compare the two.
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    I WAS going to doctor before updating for the same reason. I wanted a "NEW" phone. But I think that when the time comes, Im just going to run EPR in preware to remove all evidence of patches, backup my files and remove my theme. I think thats just as good.
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    I plan on doctoring my Pre to 2.x when it is released to start over fresh. Same for my wifes Pixi. If any phone needs to be rejuvenated it's that one.
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    This is a question I've had as well. I hope someone will be able to answer/advise on this before 2.x drops for original Pres.

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