I found the following text on a Yahoo News article about the February 9 event.

In October, HP launched the Palm Pre 2, complete with a new WebOS 2.0 with Flash. In a hands-on, however, PCMag.com analyst Sascha Segan found some significant problems with the OS's Flash implementation, which HP will hopefully iron out by the February event.
I haven't heard this before, and I assume that this would have been reported on PC, so I'm not sure how much this has been discussed, since I've been reading for a while.

Looking back on the limited release in France of the Pre2 and the rumors that the Pre2 might have a short shelf life, is it possible that the entire Pre2 release was to open webOS 2.0 to a wider testing before making a big deal out of releasing a slew of new webOS devices that are each a slice of awesome? If this report of the Flash problem is correct, and they hadn't realized it and had a widespread release of the new devices, it would have devastated their chances. Instead, they took their time and released, on a limited basis, the previous incarnation of the "next" webOS device that had already been planned while the "real" new devices were in the pipeline. In the course of the limited "test" release, they discovered a problem with Flash that they could fix before releasing the new devices, which didn't come under development until approximately six months ago.

Thoughts on my conspiracy theory?