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    I been a member almost since the Palm pre on Sprint launched and i am on PreCentral everyday there's a new article. But i just cant remember how did the webos toaster threat got started, was it precentral joke?, or did some user got started? Its funny to see how everytime HPalm announces something someone always mentions the Webos Toaster, the toaster that would change everything "in the coming months"
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    When HP announced the acquisition, they instantly started talking about webOS on "a variety of connected devices" which obviously included printers. It didn't take long for people to start joking about other potential "connected devices" such as toasters, staplers, hamsters, etc.

    The webOS toaster seemed to be the one that became the code word for putting webOS on something other than phones. It's become something of a running joke.
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    Ill tell ya what,I got one of them toasters,,,I mean printers, last week and they are awesome.

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    Can't wait to put my Pre in a real toaster after I get a new webOS phone...

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    its a toaster/printer...the webOS Toaster can print toasty little pictures on bread slices for you..
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    I'm not 100 percent, but I think it was first mentioned by one of the writers here on P|C in an article. I have kinda gotten sick of the joke. lol
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    "Sorry Too many slices..." . Please toss some you aren't eating.
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    Wall-E is a documentary?
    I see pandas.
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    WebOS Toaster

    Here's one more for the growing webOS toaster model lineup
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    freetether + touchstone = real life webOS toaster
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    anyone remember Listers AI toaster in Red Dwarf.

    "Talkie Toaster is a minor character, a monomaniacal talking toaster that tries to steer every conversation to the subject of toast."

    "are you sure you wouldn't just like some toast Dave?"
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    Win98? Really?
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    Quote Originally Posted by woodmaster View Post
    Win98? Really?
    its a TOASTER!!! lol
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    Made this one a while back.

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