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    Has anyone else been getting a pop notification saying there is an upgrade to facebook to 1.50? I started to get it about an hour ago and checked the beta app feeds and there appears to be an update but when I click it doesn't have an upgrade option only a launch option. Also, when did the app get the capability to provide popups for upgrade notifications even when the app is closed?
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    Same here. I pushed the "upgrade" button the first time I saw it, without thinking. I thought it was upgraded but it came back soon after.
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    Just received the following notice on my Pre -- Ive been using the Beta client of Facebook, and received a notification that 1.5.0 was now available.. Clicking upgrade didn't do anything, but something is definitely coming soon.

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    Facebook 1.5 has been out for several weeks now. Check the App Catalog.
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    This version has been available in the app catalog for a little while now.
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    keeps popping up here to
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    If you have the beta, it will probably keep popping up. I have both the official 1.5 version and the beta version so I just press ignore. I'll prob delete the beta until a newer beta is released.
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    the update is actually for the real Facebook app, integrating the FB places and other small updates (the other updates work on 2.0 I believe). you may want to delete the beta and add the current version.
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    Actually, I just checked and my app says its at 1.4.53 and there is definitely something that has hit the beta feeds just recently. This could be simply a mistake in the two versions currently available.
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    Facebook beta app update available now version 1.5!
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    Im downloading now. Anyone know what has been changed.

    update: I don't notice anything different myself.
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    I think they just finally caught the beta up to speed with the other "Bug fixes" included in the 1.5 non-beta release..

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