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    it is possible to download files in palm pre? THNX
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    yes, what kind of files? " fileCoaster" is pretty good, in Preware.
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    If you email the files to yourself, that is also a way to get them on the Pre
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    You can download almost any file type. However if you want to view them you need a USB charger. Or you could download "Internalz". Now I don't need a computer to view my downloads.
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    is possible to download a picture from the browser?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nikosxeng View Post
    is possible to download a picture from the browser?
    view the image full size,then hold orange/silver button then tap the image.
    you can then share or copy to photos.
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    hi i need help i have a palm pre and i was tryng to reset it anow is asking me for internet to login on, can some one help me please thank you

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