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    Is anyone getting new apps or updates shown in the catalog? I realize Palm is out for the week but Preware says that I have 5 apps to update but when I go to update them (all from the catalog) none of the show the update. I have had nothing new since the 28th. It's weird that Preware see them but I can't. Also, I noticed Astraware's Mahjong game was announced to have an update but I don't see it.
    I've rebooted but no change.
    I'm just wondering if it's my phone or if everyone is getting this too.
    Some feedback would be very appreciated, thanks.
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    It's your phone.
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    Mine says that my apps are up to date...Apparently, I have a different set of apps...Happy New Year!
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    GuyFromNam when is the last day apps were added to you catalog? Mine is the 28th. I just deleted some mp3 for more room & I'm going to reboot.
    One of the apps is Voogle, last updated on my catalog is: 12/2/10 but Preware says there is a newer update that showed up yesterday.
    Any ideas on how I can fix this?
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    kenhiraihnl mine say there are up-to-date but Preware says I have 5 that need to be updated. When I go to update them it doesn't give the update. It tells me to launch the app instead. On the 28th I got a bunch of new apps & updates but nothing since I notice this in Preware.
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    I think you just have to wait. The apps that were released on 12/28, I saw them on 12/27 on Precentral's feeds, but no sign in the catalog. Then I checked the next day (the 28), and they were all there.
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    Thanks ChickenMan, I was worried. i had to change my credit card info & was worried something went crazy. I'll wait it out. I was just wondering if anyone's catalog has newer updated than mine.
    Hopefully all is good & I'm concerned for nothing.
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    I had the same thing happen to me, I just waited a few hours and it allowed me to update it.

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    Not even going to bother with updates till next year.
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    My Update and App Catalog report that my phone is "Up to Date" with Palm

    Still waiting for 2.0.? - Maybe next year!
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    I guess I'm not explaining it clearly. When you open the catalog in 'what's new', the 1st app that shows was entered on the 28th. What's the first app you see & when was it put in the catalog?
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