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    it will be in 2.0
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmilette View Post
    it will be in 2.0
    Huh? Where did you read that?
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    Here, for one.

    In addition to Flash and the previously-mentioned OpenSearch, there's improved support for HTML5, including geolocation.
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    Ahh.. thanks jhoff... For some reason I wasn't thinking that route. "location aware" term wasn't registering in my head correctly. I kept thinking constant location monitoring... I need a vacation soon.
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    When I accessed from Firefox 4.0b8 on Linux yesterday, a popup next to the location bar prompted me if I wanted my location (based on IP address) sent to the requesting site. However, when I tried it on Firefox 4.0b8 on Windows a few minutes ago, I never got the same prompt. I can't even find the option to enable or disable it in the Properties dialog.

    I've an EU Palm Pre 2 (with webOS 2.0.1) and I tried accessing As soon as I logged in to my twitter account, a prompt popped up asking if I was okay with sending my location. The options it gave were something like Accept Always, Accept Once or Never. So I guess it does work.
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    When I tweeted, it posted my location as "Division No. 6, Alberta" (I'm in Calgary). It got the division right. I'm just not sure if it's based on a GPS reading or the client's IP address. Regardless, that's a rather imprecise reading.
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    If it's using HTML5 geolocation, it should be based on the client's IP address - not their GPS.
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