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    Apps reset to like when they were first downloaded. It's annoying, I now get Getting started menus and login screens. (like the youview, stitcher and tumbly are on login screen)

    This has happened 1 time before on this phone, 1 on another phone.

    Anyone else ever hear of this?
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    yup it happens sometimes I had it twice, all apps loose there data, weird but it happens.
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    Just happened to me yesterday. I closed the phone maybe a little to hard and it went black. Went I press the power button it went into the startup. Had a few apps that had to reenter stuff into. First time in a year of haveing this phone.
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    Same here. I dropped my phone on it's back from 6 ft up in Home Depot and the battery flew off. When my Pre came back up, a number of apps acted like I didn't use them before.
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    Ya, usually happens after an improper shut-down.
    Wish there was some way to fix it.
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    Good to know its not just me. Stupid issue ha.

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    yeah it happened once to me after the phone restarted.

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