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    I have a general text messaging question. I know that through email you can send a text to a sprint phone by sending the message to the user's mobile number and if they respond back, it will come back as an email. Also, if you do the reverse of that by sending a text to a user's email address, it will show it came from the mobile number email address and the reply would then come back as a text to the phone.

    Is there a way to set up the server as a POP account in a program such as Outlook or Windows Live Mail where when a text message comes in, it will also appear in email by getting it from the server and also where you could reply to the email to send back as a text to the sender's phone?
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    I just tried but I don't know the password to input.
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    Actually, Sprint did away with that type of email service. It used to be standard with accounts, but they got rid of it a few years ago.
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