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    Has anyone else noticed that google maps is loading up super fast now?

    It loads for me in like 4 seconds.

    I dunno what they did, but its sweet.
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    Maybe since the Android phones now use a vector-graphics form of Google Maps, there are less phones pinging the old tiled-version's servers that WebOS uses?
    So, faster data speeds for us? Just a guess.
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    mine is still taking well over 15 seconds...
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    Mine is as slow as ever.
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    I'm now averaging 6 seconds. It used to be forever like a couple other posts have mentioned. I still only use it to find places, and usually plug the address in my Magellan though.
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    Just tried Google Maps on my overclocked Pre+ and it definitely loaded faster then b4. Might be time to move it from my "unused folder"
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    I'm confused by the messages about G Maps taking 15 seconds or so.

    Mine always loaded in a few seconds. Nothing new there for me.

    Are you guys on Verizon (with it's famous downgraded GPS)?
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    Google maps boot time on the pre is atrocious. Glad to hear that its loading faster now because that was on of my peeves when I had the pre.

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    Have not noticed any improvement on my phone.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by tholap View Post
    I'm confused by the messages about G Maps taking 15 seconds or so.

    Mine always loaded in a few seconds. Nothing new there for me.

    Are you guys on Verizon (with it's famous downgraded GPS)?
    Yes I'm on Verizon - and it appears faster most of the time now but not always. Just loaded it and it was about 9 seconds - 6 before prompting me for GPS access.
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    Mine usually not working...
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    Actually it did load faster for me... about 9 seconds with 2 bars! Thats awesome. Hopefully it continues to improve tho
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    ~10s on Wi-Fi...
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    still forever and a day here, and on wifi smh
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    Takes about 30 seconds for me.
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    Wow. From 30 seconds down to about 5. Maybe webOS 2.0 installed overnight???

    Now I can get rid of that laggy app known as BFG maps.
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    Close to 18 secs on WiFi with a Sprint Pre minus. And that's why i don't use Google maps.
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    does it make a difference if you have location services on or off? Mine is off and it take long. I saw a patch to turn it on automatically. does anyone have that? does it work good? I had it before and it didn't work for me.
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    I just got 3 seconds on Sprint Pre- (wifi). I'm going with the decreased server load theory.
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    It has been noted in several threads lately that Google Maps behavior has changed lately. It loads faster and seems to get a fix faster and more accurately then in the past. I suspect that Google has done a background update to webOS Google Maps.

    Links to follow:

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