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    2 to 3 seconds for me on wifi and then if I close it and open again it takes about 1 second.
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    I do notice that if I already have a GPS fix, google maps opens up almost instantly, which it never did in the past.

    Im not talking about GPS lock. Get your GPS locked first using whatever app, and then open google maps.

    I guarentee it will be almost instantaneous for everyone. At the most 5 seconds.

    Where in the past, even with a GPS lock, Gmaps took forrrrever to load.

    So I think Google Maps loading has been fixed, its just that if your phone still has to lock onto GPS there is a lag.

    Personally I think Gmaps should open as fast as possible without caring about GPS lag.

    Just get the thing open asap, it looks better to the end user. At least I can scrub the map around to preocupy myself while I wait for it to lock GPS. haha
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    It still takes 15-20 seconds for me. But it did load. For a while it would complain about not having an internet connection (on wifi or EV w/ 4 bars) and not load.
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    no change for me ... still slow
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    Crazy, it opened in 6~ secs. Versus the 30+ seconds it usually took to open, this is heaven.
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    20 seconds here (still about as lame as its been since it got "busted" after an early webOS update), but only 3 seconds if I close it and open it again. Using a launch day Sprint Pre. Wonder if the people seeing faster results had their GPS just recently acquire a position update for some reason.
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