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    I am a new comer to WebOS. I left the iPhone for the Android (Eris, what a friggin nightmare) and now I'm on WebOS. I was able to upgrade my phone and with the economy being what it is I chose the phone that was free. I went online and watched YouTube videos showing the WebOS. I was really impressed with what I saw.

    I love the WebOS UI, it is very simple and enjoyable. I have the Verizon Palm Pixi Plus and love it.

    I have been showing it to my coworkers and friends and they all say the same's really neat, but they don't have the apps I want (Need) so when they get them I may consider WebOS.

    The Apps they want are all the big name apps. I like the Facebook app over the Android version. WebOS needs to get the free Twitter, IMDB etc.

    A thought I had was that HP/Palm has a tablet coming out, and if they do a media blitz and sell it cheaper than the iPad and Android tablets, that could be the spark that lights the fire.

    While I love my Pixi, the one gripe I have with it is that the screen is smaller than I would like. I have been looking at Verizon Palm Pre Plus phones on ebay, are they worth purchasing? When I asked the Verizon rep if they had any Pre Plus phones they said all they had was the Pixi because they had nothing but problems with the Pre Plus.

    Anyway, keep hope alive. You converted an Android users and I am out spreading the WebOS gospel.
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    Welcome to webOS. You should get familiar with Preware and WebOSQI. These are homebrew software that will help you add "patches" to your phone to get some better functions out of it. I do think there's a patch to get IMDB in your in the search bar. Hopefully in a month or so HPalm will introduce new hardware. Anyway ....welcome, you've chosen the RIGHT mobile platform (just need to hardware).
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    WElcome to Precentral. Your world will never be the same. I suggest you read up and install Preware it will turn your phone into a new phone. I personally have the Pre and converted another pre to a Sprint Pre Plus and I love it! There is a free twitter client called Spaz. When you are in the the app catalog download a program called appscoop and it lists the beta feeds. Preware does the same as well.
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    Welcome! As Wayne173 above mentioned, you realy should get familiar with Preware and webOS Quick Install in order to get the most out of your phone!

    Take the redpill and go further down the rabbit hole...
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    I did install PreWare and there are some great patches in it.

    I tell ya, it was much easier rooting (If you can call it that) the Pixi than the Droid Eris ever was.
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    The pre is a step up from the pixi. More power and bigger screen. The only big difference is the form factor. I, myself, have the pre plus and love it. The coolest thing about these phones is the ability to customize pretty much anything on the device. If you havent already, I would look up preware for the pre and pixi and install it. It will give your pixi a little more freedom and options to make your phone exactly how you want it.

    Edit: a lot of people beat me to the punch while I was typing this. haha.
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    Welcome! And if I were you, I'd wait just a little bit longer. In early Jan we should hear something from Palm and HP about new devices. If you can be patient, it will all be worth it.
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    I have a launch day Verizon Pre Plus that is almost a year old and have never had a problem with it! I would recommend the Pre Plus or you could wait a few weeks and get the Pre 2 with much improved hardware.

    Welcome to webOS - your going to love it!
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    You aren't actually "rooting" your phone per se, and that is the beauty of our OS. Welcome to HP webOS and Precentral!
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    Thanks to everyone for the replies.

    The Pre 2 has my mouth watering, but again funds are tight so I think I may just wait a while for prices to plummet on Ebay for a Pre Plus. Like I said, I love my Pixi, but I just want a bit more of screen real estate. Plus, it will also get the WebOS 2.0 so I am jazzed. I am not a power user, so I may just save up each month and just purchase a Pre 2 outright because now I can't upgrade for another year.

    Also, if HP jumps in with both feet in 2011 I may have a slew of phones to start coveting.
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    new on palm pre+. Bought as a backup to Nexus one.

    1) battery drain while idle is huge around 10% in 4hrs without 3g + sync.
    2) Damn no easier toggle settings for GPS, DATA 3g/2G, roaming etc
    3) Don't know how to "format" pre to like a brand new factory sealed phone without installed apps.
    4) How to check GPS connection? like in Android app called GPS Status shows how many satellites are present and other information. Is something like that present for pre.
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    you can install the patch through preware called "devisemenu maxed out ultra" that will allow you to toggle settings for gps, data, etc.

    you can doctor your phone to format to original factory state. visit this web page at palm's support center for additional info:
    Palm - webOS Doctor - Select your device
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    The Pre is a slider and the Pixi is a candy bar.

    Anytime you introduce moving parts into a design you will compromise durability. No way around it.

    The Pre Plus is not as solid as the Pixi, but the actual hardware is much better.

    If you go with the Pre Plus I highly recommend the AFG case for the Pre.

    Palm Pre/Palm Pre Plus GRT Case Kit - Palm - Palm Pre - Palm Pre Plus - Verizon - AGF

    A little bit pricey, but your Pre will last forever.
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    I'm on att and got the pixi plus free for my upgrade, have had it for about 6 months. I had wanted the pre since it was first announced and waited forever for it to come to att then decided on the free option. I love my pixi, but fully understand the screen thing.
    Just purchased a pre plus off ebay (saw prices between 125 and 205 for brand new and under 100 for used if you are patient enough) anyway, very happy with the purchase. Don't know when new phones are coming but this will definitely keep me happy until then, or longer.

    Still love my pixi, same reasons most state..the keyboard and size, battery, etc. The pre feels so different, just touching the screen with the slight rounding is strange, and the battery really is pretty terrible, but I have enough chargers around it doesn't bother me too much. The screen is great though, I know many people wish it were bigger but I love the size of the phone and screen. Most annoying thing I found was the slipperyness, even with the soft back, I dropped it in the first hour, just not as easy to hold coming from the pixi. But I like the fact there are more apps available and even what I had on the pixi just fits better on the pre. Definitely don't regret buying it and I like that if something should happen to either phone I have another webos phone readily available. I replaced the pixi awhile back and had to go back to my old phone while waiting for the replacement.. Just 2 days but 2 days of misery!

    So yeah, I'd say go for buying a pre plus on ebay, I don't think you will regret it.

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    ps It's webOS, not WebOS
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghostivv View Post
    new on palm pre+. Bought as a backup to Nexus one.

    1) battery drain while idle is huge around 10% in 4hrs without 3g + sync.
    That is *not* normal.
    What do you mean with "without 3g + sync".

    The primary power drain comes from radio - 3G and/or Wifi.
    If you are in an area that has bad coverage you will loose power much faster than if you're in a well covered area.
    Use Wifi whenever that is available.
    Do you keep any apps running all the time?
    What's your update intervals for EMail, Facebook, Twitter etc...
    At times when you don't need or want to be available (e.g. in cinema) - you can switch to "Airplane Mode" - that switches off all radios and saves a lot of power.
    Reducing screen brightness also helps.
    My email interval is 30 minutes. Other apps like weather etc... get 4 hour or twice a day intervals.

    This forum has a zillion threads about monitoring and optimizing the battery.

    Quote Originally Posted by ghostivv View Post
    2) Damn no easier toggle settings for GPS, DATA 3g/2G, roaming etc
    Lot's of patches available for that via Preware.

    Quote Originally Posted by ghostivv View Post
    3) Don't know how to "format" pre to like a brand new factory sealed phone without installed apps.
    You can "doctor" it back to default. Though if you want it to really wipe it you also need to delete everything from your data partition that shows as a USB drive when you connect it to a computer.
    A simple search on this forum lands you plenty of links like the following (never needed it myself - just googled it for you):
    Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals

    Quote Originally Posted by ghostivv View Post
    4) How to check GPS connection? like in Android app called GPS Status shows how many satellites are present and other information. Is something like that present for pre.
    This kind of info is really easy to find by websites called "search engines". A very popular one is google - here is an example with links about what you are looking for:
    webos gps status - Google Search

    Pre -> Pre3 & TP32 -> Nexus 5
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChasT View Post
    ps It's webOS, not WebOS
    Oh, and it's not "the webOS" either...

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    As far as big name apps, if you install the iPhone broswer patch, a lot of the companies have mobile websites that are nearly as good as the app.

    IMDB for example, has a great mobile site.

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