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    Not documented on PreCentral yet so I thought i'd bring it up. An interesting webpage has popped up on the Palm site called myPalm Beta:

    It comes up when you try to download a ROM for your phone, or at least it did when I tried.

    It was spotted over at webOSroundup, here's the link to the article:

    What is This All About? | webOSroundup

    As it says it could be old code, but interestingly having spoken to Palm Support and after a lot of evasion they did confirm that they were 'making changes to the Palm site'

    Not particularly interesting, but any news is good news at the moment in the Palm world and its nice to see some movement!
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    That's an extremely old link, think back Centro and PalmOS.
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    They talked about closing it in 2008.

    Palm Announces the Impending Closure of
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    Yea i thought it could just be from 2007/08, but strange that its linked from the WebOS doctor site, and also Palm's comments. Could they possibly be relaunching it? Surely they wouldn't have kept the web page in such a prominent position on the Palm site?
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    sounds like a simple error by a webmaster.
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    would be neat if this was a way to control our palm profile.
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