I'm seeing a number of User.err and User.crit messages in my log files when I launch the Palm Update utility. I noticed this while running lumberjack and following the logs while running Update.

A sample of the errors:

User.Err: Unable to read update build from
Kernel.Warning: [244367.750000] EXT3-fs warning: maximal mount count reached, running e2fsckis recommended
User.Crit: com.palm.app.clock: Error: launching for update, palmInitFramework347:2527

These are not in order 1,2,3 there are other messages in between but they are all from the timeframe of launching the update and they occured in this order. There are many many more errors.

I have a number of homebrew patches and apps installed, my current patches are listed below:

100 more autoreplace words
ad blocker *
add bing and yahoo and remove twitter
advanced reset options
change number of bookmarks on startpage
delete from notification
enable landscape email
gps fix for vz navigtor
hide app vendors
hold tap context menu *
improved photo naming PRE
inverted keyboard brightness
muffle system logging
pdf redux
quiet powerd messages
reduce minimum brightness
remove dropped packet logging
send all contacts via email
share larger videos via email
slider blocks orientation change
unhide dev mode icon
unthrottle download manager
video camera flashlight

* = Added or updated in the last month.