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    I went to the Verizon store today to upgrade my phone. I decided to go with the Samsung Continuum, but while I was there I saw a Pre Plus on display.

    I spent some time with the device and I have to say I loved the WebOS. It was simple and easy to use and had a great interface with the best setup off all the devices I looked at.

    If my current phone wasn't in such bad condition, I would have waited for a new Palm device to come out, since I know the Pre 2 is coming out 'soon.' However, since I don't really know when that is I could not keep waiting.

    Palm has won me over though so when I am eligible again in two years I will be looking for a WebOS device. If I am lucky though maybe the the Pre 2 will be out before my 30 days are up.
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    why didn't you grab the pre plus?
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    wow i thought the pre plus was eol'ed
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    Quote Originally Posted by Craneum View Post
    If I am lucky though maybe the the Pre 2 will be out before my 30 days are up.
    That's very possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    why didn't you grab the pre plus?

    I knew it was a model that is being phased out to be replaced by the Pre 2 shortly. The Pre Plus is lacking, specs wise, in a few areas that I know the Pre 2 improves (the camera and processor, plus gorilla glass is a plus).

    I'm going to wait a few days to activate my new phone, which would give me until about late January for the Pre 2 to come out so that I can switch.
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    but two years? Ouch. Probably gonna see the Pre at the enf of january or feb.

    glad you are impressed!
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    you know you can sign a one year contract instead of 2 and get a decent deal with a chance to upgrade sooner, right? At the end of the day the price you pay up front for the phone is pennies when compared to the phone,data, and text plan you pay over the duration of your contract. For a one year deal on vzw, you'll pay atleast 960 a year, or 1920 over two, and this doesn't include a text plan or vzw navigator.
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    1) Buy cheap Pre Plus and overclock/patch it to run like a Pre 2.
    2) Buy Pre 2 from HP unlocked, go to T-Mobile or At and T.
    3) Wait until CES 2011, see what HP/Palm has in store. Its only in 2 weeks!
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    I would definitely try and buy a cheap one off the web and see what happens over the next few weeks as there could be some very big news coming!

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