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    any other users here?
    I like Tonido, but i'm sad, that there is no Client for WebOS
    There is one for Android, one for iPhone and one for Blackberry, but nothing for WebOS.
    The tonido developers said, that they will build one, if there are some more people who wants it.
    So thats my question:
    Some other Tonido users here?
    Or someone who wants to build a Client?
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    It's looks VERY interesting. I think I would be interested in Tonido...depending on how it all goes -I don't feel like I would be looking to spend $20/month quite yet to access my files everywhere, but maybe in the future...
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    Tonido is free...
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    I also would like to use Tonido on webOS, After trying out all of the cloud storage options (e.g., dropbox) I found that the cheapest mix for me (I have 100+ gigs of photos and videos to back up) is a combination of Mozy for cloud storage ($5 a month unlimited data) plus MS Live Mesh (free) for folder sync plus Tonido (free) for web access to my content.

    Hopefully Tonido picks up folder sync and I can drop live mesh to keep things simple.

    Anyway, I would like to have a webOS client, especially for a tablet.
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    Webshare works.
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