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    Did any of you see the most recent Engadget show?

    As the major giveaway, they had 10 Palm Pre 2s, the unlocked dev ones, and the crowd actually seemed pretty excited about it, they really got into it.
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    They could have been Pet Rocks and people would have been excited. People get excited when they win.
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    On the same day in NYC at HP webOS Dev Day, the 400 people attending had their "Oprah" moment when HP gave every attendee at free unlocked GSM (North American) Palm Pre 2 with webOS 2.0. Everyone including me was very excited and pleased!
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    I was there at Dev Day as well. It was a great to get a free Pre 2. The Engadget Show was the same day, and it was only a few blocks away from Lucky Strikes, which was where HP took us to after the Dev Day workshops. I'm sure they hooked up Engadget with some of the extra phones they had to give away on the show.

    There's an Engadget show this Friday, I'm hoping they do an Oprah style giveaway at this show. So far all their giveaways have been raffles, except for the very first show. Jon Rubenstein was the guest, he gave everyone a free touchstone. I got one of those too.

    I'm pretty sure Jon will return to the show, after they announce some new phones & tablets.

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