Ok, my first post here and something quite unusual too.

I have been trying to get access to the linux command line on my palm pre for a long time now (I don't really have a specific use in mind, I'm just a bit nerdy and thought it'd be interesting).

The first time, I tried rooting the phone by putting it into developer mode and using novacom. Once I'd done a few commands to try to set up open SSH, I found that I could no longer play music or videos on my palm. The music app would skip from one track to the next repeatedly as if the files were empty, and the youtube app comes up with "There was an error playing the file". Ringtones and alarm similarly don't play, but I can call people and hear them fine.

I had to use the webos doctor to get my audio and video working again.

I tried rooting like this a few more times then gave up due to the recurring problem and tried another approach, essentially along the lines of:
1. Dev mode
2. use webos quick install file to get preware onto the phone
3. out of dev mode
4. use preware to get terminal app and open-ssh, etc
5. use terminal app to set up a user account and get ssh working (and sudo)
6. ssh into the palm for easy command line access

This method seemed to work very well the first time as I went a few days without issue before suddenly losing audio again. I thought it was just because I was messing around with trying to install CLI audio players (thought it would be cool to hook my pre up to the hifi and control it remotely over ssh), but I've just redone the above steps twice and can't get through them without loosing media playback once again!

The problem only reveals itself after a restart, which makes it a little tricky to pinpoint the exact command that causes it - if there is one.

It's really frustrating because every time I have to start over it takes ages to resync my accounts and apps, and I don't even see why media playback would be affected by any of this!

It seems like no one else has this problem (or at least they haven't brought it up in forums) so I'll be quite surprised but very grateful if anyone can help.