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    Hi, I got to replace my old pre and sprint gives me a new one, but no pre plus, just my pre...and when I install the webos and the doctor I plug in the phone and select just charge, but do nothing when I press the arrow, that suppose to appears the menu????Help
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    are you trying to use QuickInstall or OS Doctor?

    and did you put the phone in developer mode? On the phone, type webos20090606 and tap the icon
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    webosquick install and yes I already put the developer mode on....
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    disconnect the phone and restart. On the pc stop the novacom service in the system mgr. Then reinstall novacom from QI. The plug in the phone...

    see if that works.
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    I cant access any tab on the webos menu, no options and no nothing I thing thats the reason because the novacom is not working, I tried to open it from the help menu and I can save it but when I going to open it it ask what program did I want to open it
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    reinstall the drivers from the menu on the left side of QI
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    you are doing this on your PC, right? Not your phone.
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    I think the problem is the phone, because in the device manager, I found a warning sign (!) on the Novacom driver but I try to repair it but the computer reads that there is no a solution for the error and the manager saids that the divice is not installed. I uninstall again but aparently the phone dont install well the Novacom driver....I tried again and the computer send me a message that the driver of Novacom not found.....any help????
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    In QuickInstall, there is an option for reinstalling the drivers and doing an emergency doctor. You might try that for driver reinstall, and then the emergency doctor.
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    the Quickinstall do noting...the only thing that make some is the help on the top....any other idea???, the windows 7 could be the problem???

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