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    Quote Originally Posted by darkzone View Post
    releasing at the end of Q1 mean it has to go thru carriers QA which mean months after that we the end users will get it at then of Q2..this is beginning to suck big time now. Question is what ever they announce on CES how long will that take to come to the end users???
    Except no one (that counts) said it's coming at the end of Q1. That's speculation. Period.
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    *sigh* To much speculation. Some saying "It might not come to old devices" when it still says on it is. WAIT. See what happens.
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    If they want to release it in March it better be around my birthday.
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    It is already compatible since franken PRE exists which is just a hodgepodge of webOS2.0 and webOS 1.4.5. IT is also coming to ALL webOS devices since HP has already announced that.

    The only thing that is uncertain is the time frame when it will be released and that is because it is EOLd on every carrier except AT&T. The carriers are releasing new phone every other week and they don't have enough time to dedicate to certifying an OS upgrade for EOLd product. March seems likely.
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    webOS 2.x is okay...problem, need apps and better hardware. Pre 2 hardware is what Pre Plus should have been. But now, it really doesn't matter until we get more info at CES. You are not missing anything major with current state of webOS 2.x.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sapient2k7 View Post
    It is already compatible since franken PRE exists which is just a hodgepodge of webOS2.0 and webOS 1.4.5.
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    Speculation or not, I'm just tired of the whole coming soon thing from anything webOS related.
    Angry Birds is one of the few things that has actually been released. Everything else is hurry up and get excited so you can wait another 6mo for us to decide how to make it worse (Verizon).
    Either release it or stop promising it with be "coming soon"
    It's gotten old.

    On top of this if you ruin your Pre Plus on Verizon they stick you with a LG Fathom!!!! They say it's comparable! How is mobile 6 the same as webOS?!!?!??!?!????

    CES better be big time WOW is all I can say.

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    i agree that when they say release in 1st Q usually means towards the end of the Q. dont have any data to back that up but just my usual observation. they either push it to the end or they end up pushing it back further.

    rarely have i seen them actually come earlier.
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    Actcually palm only said it because they need more time to stall and find out another way to make us wait another 20 years.
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    All that was said was in Germany they will wait to Q1. Who knows everywhere else. Could be sooner. Could be later. Who knows. Let's just hope for the best.

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    btw, happy birthday Mike!
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