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    Best Part:


    A lot of data is going to be on laptops and desktops. Do you need to build a cloud device to have webOS talk to them?

    Rubinstein: Stay tuned.

    Cool. Does this mean Palm may make something on the Desktop? The old Palm Desktop was such a key feature, and I refuse to define "the cloud" as something that does NOT include desktops or other devices...

    Ok, now the worst part:

    How do you get the developers you need to create webOS apps?

    We have a lot of really interesting ways to develop for webOS. It’s very easy to develop for and people like developing for it. We are getting a whole new generation of developers.

    We had this developer conference in New York. If you look at the audience, a lot of them were under 17 and they were making enough money selling applications to come from wherever they were–they weren’t from New York–to bring one of their parents or both of their parents to come to the developer conference.


    Is he really saying that they are pinning their hopes on teenager developers? I hope he is just trying to say that WebOS is easy to develop for.

    And I was at NY Dev Day, and saw some teenagers there, but they probably didn't represent more than 5% of the audience.
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    Rubinstein: We’re big believers that the more bandwidth the better. I am very excited to getting to LTE and HSDPA+ (two faster cellular networks). We have some really interesting visions on where webOS can go as you get more and more bandwidth.

    That is the best for me. HSDPA+ is T-mobiles network, and I am really hopping to see a webos device head over to t-mobile.
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