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    It is easy to change this. I agree, they could have put
    "HP webOS" or "HP Palm" or HPalm, and it would have felt better. OR they could have just left the dang thing alone!

    As for the actual topic, it is pretty darned easy to change, not only the .PNGs for when Luna starts up, but the very initial boot-up screen.
    However, it doesn't require doctoring, just make a new image, and follow the instructions on the "Bootie Themes" page on WebOS Internals.

    I have just replaced my initial screen with one that has "HP" with the traditional "Palm" below it. I used GIMP, for the curious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    You can see how easy it is to change boot logo's in my signature along with the link to some logos I've made.

    Alternatively, you can even do it via Internalz. Check out this video: . It shows how to easily change boot logo on-device
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