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    Wow the more I read about webOS 2.0 and the endless "coming soon" but never releasing (aside from the recent Angry Birds update-thank you!) I'm wondering if it's worth staying with it. Being promised to hold out for what should be great word during CES is great and all but we've been told this before. Maybe not a CES one but even the recent Pre 2 launch is all secret. Google and Apple and RIM have been splashing new stuff all over the place and now M$FT is stick their nose back in the game and have done tons better than we have seen for webOS and new devices.

    It seems like over all even though the new OS is great, it's a giant step backwards in actual functionality. The biggest issue for me, is a complete backup/restore like we saw for our Treos and Centros. Especially when tweaking/patching can sometimes force a rebuild of your phone via Dr. There seems to be so many changes that now even basic patches won't work on 2.x Then there is the fact that if you want your phone to be YOUR phone you HAVE to patch. Nothing is really built in to the OS for personalizing it.

    I want to remain loyal after all these years, but the list seems to keep getting longer on the cons and shorter on the pros. I really enjoy webOS and the possibilities to me seem endless, but why are we being kept in the dark about this and having to wait eons to find out anything?

    Am I missing something here? What do you think?

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    No need to remain loyal. You're a consumer. Go with whatever the best option is.
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    I tought I taw a putty tat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NachoB View Post
    I tought I taw a putty tat.
    I did, I did! I did see a putty cat!

    Damn, I was gonna make that reference! ='(
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    TheVTech - My thought is: I think I like your Avatar! Is that the wallpaper you use on your pre?
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    Ya OK so I missed the H, thanks for pointing that out.
    Any mod able to fix that?

    Hey not-yet-pre, yes it's my theme.
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    The only reason I want to remain loyal is for all the paid apps I have downloaded. It also helps that I realy like webOS though.

    I'm not in need of a new phone at the moment, so I am fine with waiting to see what happens. I'm not too terribly impressed with any of the competition except for a few apps here or there that we don't have. I have also noticed my friend who jumped from a Pre to the 4G Epic make a few comments that are somewhat negative towards Android. Not that he never made negative comments about his Pre, but I just don't see the Android love he once had for the Pre in June of 2009.
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    This shouldn't be about loyalty. We are members here because we appreciate webOS. Whether or not we want to remain loyal is completely different.

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