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    I am now the proud owner of Palm Pixi Plus on Verizon. I'm wondering what are some of the cool hacks, tips, or mods to do. I just finished installing preware and would like to increase the functionality of my pixi. Any advice would be appreciate, thanks!
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    Here are my favorite patches/homebrew apps on my Pre (most will be applicable to your Pixi):

    Uberkernel and Govnah
    Mode Switcher (along with System Menu Mode Menu)
    Delete From Notification (this patch is AWESOME. deleting facebook emails from the notification area, which i have coming in to a separate email account with the "all in boxes" turned off in the email app, really increases my productivity)
    Multi Mod (Browser- this one is ESSENTIAL. I've gotten to the place where I can hardly use the browser in its normal state)
    Device Menu Megamix

    Other less awesome but still good patches:

    Notification repeat (messaging, calendar, email, missed call)
    No Pause of Video on Screen Change
    Fixed Keyboard Brightness
    Enable Landscape Email
    Dialpad Tones Off
    Disable Various Phone Sounds
    Match State to Area Code
    Unthrottle Download Manager
    Video Downloads (Youtube)
    Enter for New Line (Messaging)

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    Well one thing I can say is that pix's won't get flash 10.1 (if webOS 2.0 even comes out). But as for music I recommend downloading an app called playlist. You have to pay for the initial app but there is a lite version.
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    The best tip I can give you is to grab a cup of coffee, find a comfortable seat and start reading the hundreds of threads on this forum. Everything is here, promise.

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