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    When they make the push, we'll be in very good hands. If you just look at their latest ads for the Envy Beats edition and ePrint commercials, they are not only high quality, but are in fairly heavy rotation. I am going to keep a notepad by the tv and see what the rotation is like but I see them at least every programming hour.


    ePrint (Island)

    ePrint (Baby)

    So once HP starts advertising the new webOS2.0 phones, the public will FINALLY get to see what webOS os all about. Even their "demo" add on the Palm site is 100x better than all of Palms previous efforts.

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    Looks good.

    I like what HP is doing, yes, I wish they could move faster but that is probably what bugs me about Android - it is pushed together too fast and on too much diverse hardware. HP seems to have a vision and they are working hard on it.

    I suspect that Palm may have been further behind in the hardware design than they claimed - especially in terms of the fine tuning that is so important for reliability, and did not have the muscle to get vital parts. What required minimal capital (they already had staff) was software, and they got WebOS 2.0 out.

    My excitement was diminishing in October, but after the New York Dev Days (I watched several of the Videos) my excitement is increasing.
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    The Pre 2 commercial looks very good - hopefully it will be seen early and often.

    Getting really tired of seeing Android & BB Torch commercials all the time....
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    Now I want an HP phone with Beats Audio.
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    HP Marketing department is really good, I'm confident that they will know how to advertise the webOS smartphones and tablets
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    cobrakon is a pretty cool guy. eh stays optimistic about the best mobile OS and doesn't afraid of anything.

    I just want to see the Sizzle commercial on some TV...Hopefully that'll happen when Verizon gets the Pre 2. And I want to see A LOT of advertisements, not one or two like I did for the Pre Plus.
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    Well, during the last Heat game, I counted 10 HP commercials...

    HP Envy Beats - 4
    ePrint Baby - 1
    ePrint Island - 5

    That's a lot of eyeballs. If the Pre had that kind of airtime, it'd be a different game right now. I hoping the VZ launch is being held back because HP didn't have the commercials ready...
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    I'm waiting for CES next year. I'm at school right now an my school doesn't aloow youtube so is the commercial for verizon or GSM?
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    Thanks for the heads up and I love the ePrint Island commercial. Take a minute to figure it out, but holds my attention till the end. I also think Palm advertising is in good hands and looking forward to January. Sorli...
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    Given the state of Android and Blackberry advertising - especially from the carriers - competing with them is going to be fairly easy for HP.

    ...they wont beat the Apple ads though. I don't see anyone doing that.
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    uh, what marketing....j.rubenstein out on interviews is not marketing
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    It almost seems as if they are trying to mimic Apple's business model... with small, incremental updates to the Pre as a flagship device presented as if it is a New Big Thing once a year or so. Then they released the Pixie, seemingly to capture the Centro group...

    They need to get their **** in a group imho. I don't think they are going to be as successful with the iPhone model (LOOK WE REMOVED A BUTTON!!) with the whole planned obsolescence thing (for example, deliberately leaving a camera of a device so that they can add one next year and call it the iPad 2).

    Apple has an insanely devoted, almost religious following. And that following is huge. They can get away with abusing their own customers that way (hyperbole, I know).

    I am really hinging on CES. I hope that HP announces more devices.

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