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    I had USBnet on my Palm Pre Plus and it works great at home, but I've noticed on my work computer (which does not have USBnet drivers and I am not allowed to install them), the device no longer charges. The top bar indicates that it is charging, but the battery actually keeps getting lower. So I disabled USBnet to avoid this, but I would like to have it on. At home I set up a scheduled task to back up my Palm via rsync and USBnet, and it's a pain to have to remember to turn USBnet on (via Terminal) and restart, and then to turn it off and restart later (I suppose the latter step could be automated via the same scheduled task on my desktop).

    1. Is there a way to keep the Pre from using up so much power when USBnet is on and it's connected to a machine without the drivers?
    2. Failing that, is there an easier or more automated way to turn it off and on at particular hours?

    Many thanks.
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    did you try mode switcher? it seems to be great for stuff like that - although I don't know anything about USBnet.
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    I tried Mode Switcher but it doesn't have any option to turn USBnet off and on. Using ifdown usb0 doesn't help either. Apparently to keep from power draining, the only solution I have found so far is usbnet disable and restart.

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