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    wikipedia results from univ search stopped giving me the page where I don't need to scroll horizontaly. Only after that did I visit the mobile site to see if it would fix it, which it didn't. This happen to anyone else? Is there a fix?
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    I see the same thing today. It still looks like the mobile site but the page is really wide. I suspect the problem is on wikipedia's side.
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    The screen on Wikipedia universal search is not displaying correctly for a mobile device. This is similar to the problem we had with Google a few months ago. Hopefully Wikipedia will correct the problem within a few days as did Google.

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    thanks. Made it difficult to read up on a jessica simpson song my friend and I were making fun of @ work
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    I have the same problem too. So annoying. Imagine if this happened on the iphone. It looks like it's displaying the WAP version.
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    yep meand my bro having the same problem. Sucks cause I go to wikipedia from univ search everyday.
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    All messed up for me too.... hope they get if fixed.
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    same here...
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    Likewise. Because we have to look at all those "Appeal from..." banners, they BEST fix this.

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    It's looking normal on my EVO.
    I guess it's just a Pre/Pixi thing.

    Once, when I had the Pre, the same thing happened with mobile Yahoo mail.

    I think it was like that for a couple of weeks, before it got fixed.
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    Interesting. Is your Evo pointed to the mobile Wikipedia? Not the "real" one?

    If so - what could they have done that "broke" the site for the webOS browser but not (whichever browser you're using)? Really kinda curious now.
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    I have the same problem on my Pre. It actually looks worse than viewing Wikipedia's standard site with webOS' browser.

    This seems to only be effecting the Pre/Pixi, although the Kindle 3, iPhone and Android all use WebKit-based browsers.
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    Has anyone noticed that the espn site has gone back to messing up unless your clear your cache out constantly? Completely annoying since it is probably the site i use the most besides precentral. Cant follow my football games for fantasy football or my missouri tigers basketball games. really depressing

    and db i know this belongs on another post but i could have swore that was a kangaroo and not a llama this whole time. now i dont know if its funnier or not?@?
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    Yes, I just noticed this too. It seems like the page is the same, it's just way too wide. I guess we should file a bug on Bugzilla per Wikipedia's instructions:
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    I have the iPhone spoof installed and am getting the same thing.
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    problem is still not solved.
    currently no bug reported (or didn't find) it. Could please someone create a bug report (u need an wiki account)?!
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    I also experience this... Quite annoing, but i'm pleased to conclude that it isn't something I'M doing (like an errant patch/theme install).
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    Same issue, using the iPhone spoof. I checked using my iTouch, and it does format correctly on that. I uninstalled and reinstalled the iPhone spoof, with no change.
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    not working for me either, really a pain.

    this is true for the pre and the pre 2.

    I have disabled the mobile site for the time being, which makes it at least useable for now, you can do this by going to the bottom of the page.
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    Been using Infopedia & Wapedia as an alternative. Not as good Wikipedia Mobile when it works properly.

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