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    While I wait patiently for the next webOS handset (not the pre 2) I can't help but notice a lot of press about HP aquiring cloud based companies and trimming down certain MS windows based projects to be incorporated into the new webOS divisions.

    Combine that with the former CEO down playing the Palm aquisition that HP did not buy webOS to get into the smartphone business and I'm beginning to convince myself that just maybe HP has a much larger vision for webOS that I fail to see.

    Could it be that webOS at least for the smartphone division is only a small cog in the grand scheme of things?

    It's no mystery that a tablet with webOS will be released but I fail to see much further than the 2 products mentioned.

    How exactly is HP going to use webOS?
    Is webOS going to be a game changer for HP? will it derive substantial revenue from webOS? How long will it take to implement this strategy?
    Is this an "all in" type of strategy? Can a comparison be made with microsoft's WP7 as far as how important is it for it to succeed?

    Enough of my rambling but that's what happens when the news pretty much dries up on webOS.
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    the further WebOS integrates into HP the better for the smart phone users. The more our beloved OS can do the more doors will open. Rock solid hardware will make it all happen.
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    no hp doesn't necessarily "need" webos as much as microsoft needs wp7. You have to understand that HP is a hardware company first and foremost. Microsoft is a software company therefore they need their mobile division to help drive the windows ecosystem into homes. Have you looked at HP's earnings recently? They continue to best themselves every quarter it would seem.Remember that they're making loads of cash basically with no mobile division to speak of.Imagine what they can do with their own os and media/business software. What HP is trying to do is what apple is doing(well everyone is) and that is become more self-reliant. Make the hardware and have the software developed in-house. Microsoft relies on great hardware from manufacturers in the tablet/pc/mobile world. So outside of phones, (and now tablets) HP will continue to make buckets of cash from their pc line because of windows for the pc. This helps microsoft sell the "ecosystem" but it also sells and will sell HP's. HP controls 10% of retail shelf space and their the #1 hardware company in the laptop (pc?) space. So they have microsoft to thank for a very capable os and microsoft thanks them for the great hardware. Imagine buying a HP laptop running windows yet its filled all the programs created by the companies recently acquired by HP. I can see HP quickly rising amongst their competitors in mobile space.

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